“Billow” by Jacob Burmood

Olathe Station is thrilled to announce that a second sculpture by renowned artist Jacob Burmood has been installed on site. The new piece, called “Billow,” is located just north of the Super Target in our shopping center.

Billow - Jacob Burmood

Burmood has carved his niche in the art world as a sculptor of large-scale, dramatic pieces crafted from bronze, aluminum and resin. You can find many of his pieces across the metro area, including the “Billow” sculpture and the “Depth of Form” piece here at Olathe Station.

Most of Burmood’s work is inspired by natural elements, particularly those prevalent in the landscape surrounding his home in Springfield, Missouri. He has had his art showcased all across the country, everywhere from the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri, to the streets of Los Angeles. Burmood’s mediums include aluminum and bronze, resin sculpture, ceramic sculpture and most recently, drapery, which explores the flow of fabric.